Bedtime stories with a bite

Out Of The Woods?

In fairy tales, going into the woods is not something to be taken lightly. Whether you're a sweet-toothed child stumbling upon a gingerbread house, or a red-hooded girl encountering a carnivorous wolf, entering the woods takes you into a tangled, tempting, maze-like space, where you must depend on your wits in order to emerge alive.

Out Of The Woods? is an interactive maze installation devised for the Bloomsbury Festival and Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities by Elizabeth Dearnley and Liliana Ortega Garza. It explores ways in which fairy tales have been used as teaching tools and morality guides over the centuries, inviting you to navigate your way through an immersive woodland environment and create your own story.

Each fork in the path presents you with a moral dilemma from a fairy tale; you choose which route to take by deciding what you want to happen next. Will you go directly to grandmother's house? Will you give the sorcerer Fitcher the bread he asks for? Will the choices you make allow you to escape the maze and leave the woods safely, or will you remain trapped forever?

UCL Quad Pavilion, 24-25 October 2015
UCL South Cloisters, 13-15 November 2015