Bedtime stories with a bite

Red Hood Productions makes eerie immersive stories, fairy tales to disconcert and dazzle, and narrative-based installations with a fantastical, feminist slant.

Latest Production: Fairy Light

Leeds Central Library, 28 May-8 July 2022

The immersive installation Fairy Light will be appearing at Leeds Central Library, 28 May-8 July 2022, to mark the centenary of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 1922 book endorsing the Cottingley Fairies photographs, The Coming of the Fairies.

In advance of the exhibition opening, the creative team will be holding an event entitled 'Fairy Light, Fairy Night' - an online evening of talks, music and discussion on the theme of fairies and how this 100 year-old story and the events surrounding it are still incredibly relevant today in world where images do not always tell the truth.

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The event is by donation - all proceeds will go towards the material costs of this exhibition, and all donations are gratefully received so that this event can be as accessible as possible to those in the Leeds area.

If you are unable to attend this pre-exhibition event but would like to support the work of these independent artists, please do fell free to click the booking link above which will allow you to donate without necessarily committing to the evening's event - we are hugely grateful for any and all support.