Bedtime stories with a bite

Red Hood Productions

Red Hood Productions makes eerie immersive stories, fairy tales to disconcert and dazzle, and narrative-based installations with a fantastical, feminist slant. Working with festivals and unusual venues to create site-specific shows, we aim to engage people with the stories which surround them and encourage them to tell their own.

Elizabeth Dearnley

Red Hood Productions founder Elizabeth Dearnley is an artist, folklorist and maker whose work centres around interactive, collaborative storytelling and engagement with public spaces.

Elizabeth is the writer and producer of Big Teeth, and co-creator of Out Of The Woods? and The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury. She has also worked on storytelling projects Bird Box Stories (E17 Art Trail) and Medieval Storytelling (University of Oxford), and as producer of Talking Statues she has brought sculptures to life around the world. Elizabeth also teaches the history of fairy tales at University College London; her writing has appeared in publications including the Times Literary Supplement and The White Review, and she is currently writing a book about forests.