Bedtime stories with a bite

The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury

Everyone has a secret, a story they've never told anyone. What's yours?

Follow a trail through Bloomsbury and track down diaries hidden in bookshops, cafés, pubs and leafy squares. Each diary invites you to contribute a different type of story or secret - perhaps a London memory you've never shared, a confession from the past, or a message for a significant figure in your life.

Devised by Elizabeth Dearnley and curator and researcher Michael Eades for the Bloomsbury Festival 2017, The Secret Diary of Bloomsbury allowed festivalgoers to add to a collaborative collage of stories reflecting those passing through the area's streets and public spaces. The project draws on Elizabeth's interest in story-mapping and the relationship between narrative and place, and Michael's research into the cultural contexts of Bloomsbury, and builds on their previous story-collecting work in Bloomsbury and Walthamstow.

Following the Bloomsbury Festival, diaries were left in place in various locations for passers-by to find (Russell Square, Brunswick Square Gardens, the Bloomsbury Coffee House, Coram's Fields, the Camera Museum, the Foundling Museum, the Curzon). You can also follow the diaries on Twitter @BloomsSecret - and share your stories with #bloomsburysecret.

Bloomsbury Festival, 18-22 October 2017