Bedtime stories with a bite

Suffragette Scavenger Hunt

The hunt is on... Follow a trail through the streets of Bloomsbury to discover hidden stories about the radical women of the area's past, and follow the trail of clues to discover a secret suffragette tea party!

Commissioned for the 2018 Bloomsbury Festival, this scavenger hunt led searchers up side streets, down passageways, and through leafy squares as they retraced the steps of Emily Wilding Davison, Sophia Duleep Singh, and many others. Along the way, they met fellow suffragettes to guide them on their quest (providing scavengers had learned the right passwords).

By turns entertaining, educational and surprising, the Suffragette Scavenger Hunt challenged festivalgoers of all ages to learn more about the women of Bloomsbury - and rewarded successful scavengers with the final password to join the tea party!

Map design: Emily Tracy and Clementine Hope

Written and designed by
Elizabeth Dearnley
for the Bloomsbury Festival